Things That Suck

DashCam Captures Man Being Tasered by SAPD.

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“I’m Dead, I’m Dead” Unnerving Video Shows Cops Taser Handcuffed Man Until He Dies


Lawmakers Finally Move to Impeach Obama, But Not Over War Crimes or Spying — For Bathrooms


Nothing to See Here — Police Bury Dead Prisoner with No Investigation & Never Notified his Family


Citizen Paralyzed from the Waist Down After Cop Shoots Him for “Sleeping in Car”


DOJ: 169 Changes Needed in Police Dept With History of Kidnapping, Beating, Corruption, Poor Leadership, etc.


Media Praises Wrongful Death Suit Against Pot, Says Weed Made Loving Husband a Homicidal Maniac

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University of Miami Endows Nation’s First Academic Chair “For the Study of Atheism and Humanism”

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Albuquerque Man Dies While Restrained by K-Mart Employees Who Then Order Witness with Camera to Leave Store

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Disturbing Video Shows Cops Brutalize Innocent Man for Walking into a Store During an Arrest

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AUDIO: Cop Admits to Doing Lines of Cocaine and Then to Being a Hitman for a National Gang


Inept Criminals Torch A Cop Car